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We love our job!

We Make Your Pets Truly Happy

Welcome to our trusted pet care service based in St. James, Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are committed to going the extra mile for your beloved pets. With a strong affinity for animals and a belief that pets are integral members of every family, we offer top-tier care when your busy schedule or vacations make it challenging to do so.

How we do it

We maintain a comforting and familiar environment for your pets, ensuring that their routines remain undisturbed. Being a full-time caregiver, your pets will receive the utmost attention. Our spacious home features a large, secure backyard where your pets can enjoy ample space to frolic. While our home allows pets on the furniture, we are more than willing to adhere to any specific training requests from our clients.

Our Capabilities

  • Accommodating pets of all sizes
  • Access to personal transportation
  • Willingness to travel beyond the Winnipeg city limits
  • Competitive and adaptable pricing based on the services required

Our Approach

To provide the best possible care, we tailor our services to your pet’s unique needs. We kindly request some essential information about your dog’s personality:

Feeding regimen: Schedule, dietary preferences, and treats
Exercise routine: Frequency of walks and outdoor activities
Behaviour: How they interact with animals and people, specific anxieties, and any objects or sounds they need to avoid
Entertainment: Their favourite games and toys
Your insights into your pet are invaluable, and we rely on your knowledge to provide the best care possible.

About Our

Feline Companion

Meet Osiris, our beloved feline companion, who originally hails from the family farm. Osiris is an exceptional mouser, showcasing her remarkable hunting skills. During the summer, Osiris relishes her outdoor adventures, while in the winter, she enjoys nothing more than snuggling with her human companions.

Osiris’s social nature extends to her past interactions with a large canine sibling and a female feline housemate, with whom she maintained a harmonious relationship. Furthermore, she graciously welcomes canine companions when they come to visit, embodying her friendly and adaptable demeanor.”

Regrettably, I do not offer cat boarding services at my residence. However, I am pleased to provide in-home care solutions, such as staying at your place or conducting daily check-ins to cater to your feline friends.

Comprehensive Pet Care Services

My range of services extends beyond cats and dogs, encompassing all types of animals. Whether it's walks, playtime, or attentive care, your pets will receive the utmost consideration. Additionally, I am well-equipped to offer house-sitting services, including tending to plants, collecting mail, and performing general household chores.

Qualifications and Commitment

I boast extensive experience caring for pets of all sizes and breeds. With access to my own vehicle, I am prepared to accommodate your pet care needs. Our services are not confined to Winnipeg, as we are willing to travel beyond city limits. Our pricing structure is flexible, negotiable, and tailored to the specific services and duties required. Your satisfaction is our top priority.